For all online casino master No one would not know. Roulette game, the most popular number of casinos in the world And if you want to play online roulette then We recommend SCS, a world class online gambling website. Open for world-class roulette services. This place will definitely not disappoint you. Let’s see.

Must be a SCS member to access online roulette.
First of all, you must be a member of the SCS website if you are not yet a member. You can read How to apply for membership at this link. Or go to the member application page at the button below But if you are already a member, you can skip this step. After being a member Allow you to log in successfully. And can go to the next step

Choose a room and service provider. Online roulette That you like
After that, go to the main menu and select “Live casino” and select the category. “Roulette” will appear, rooms and service providers come to give us many options. As the picture below At this point, we can choose as we like. If you don’t know which room you like You can click in and see first. What this room is like If you still don’t like it, you can change the room at all times.

Choose the desired roulette room.
All roulette providers to choose from
There are 7 roulette service providers to choose from, more than 20 service rooms. Let’s see what rooms are available. Which room you like, then choose that room

Authentic gaming
Evolution Gaming
BBin Live games
Virginia Live Casino
After choosing the room that we like Next, we will get to how to play luteet. The following information is quite important. Would like to be read carefully For understanding and not disadvantage the website The more we know We have a greater advantage.

How to play online roulette And the odds
Let’s see how to continue playing. That we can bet on what How much are the odds How much is the chance? Which is information that must be known and understood thoroughly If you want to win this game, don’t miss out.

Roulette game control

  1. Straight stab up
    This is a bet on a number 0-36. Chance to win is 1 in 37. The odds are 1 to pay 35.

2.Stop Split
Is a 2 or 2 number bet vertically or horizontally. The chances of winning are 2 in 37. The odds are 1 to pay 17.

  1. Stabbing Street
    It is a 3 digit vertical bet of the table above. The odds of winning are 1 in 12. The odds are 1 to pay 11.
  2. Thrust angle
    It is a 4-toed bet by placing a chip in the corner of the number to overlap 4 numbers. The winning chance is 4 in 37. The odds are 1 to pay 8
  3. Line betting
    It’s a thrust, similar to street stabbing But is placing the chip over the line This makes all bets to 6 numbers. The winning chance is 1 in 6. The odds are 1 to pay 5.
  4. Column thrust
    Is stabbing the entire column of the table By placing a chip at the end of this betting column, it affects the 12 numbers. The winning chance is 1 in 3. The odds are betting 1 to pay 2.
  5. Stab a dozen
    Is to bet on 12 numbers, which are 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. Chance of winning is 1 in 3. The odds are 1 to 2, like the column bet.
  6. Stab red / black
    It is a black or red bet. The winning chance is 1 in 2. The odds are 1 to 1.
  7. Bet on even numbers / odd numbers
    This is an odd bet for all numbers to come out. The winning chance is 1 in 2. The odds are 1 to pay.
  8. High / Low thrust
    The bet selection number 1-18 is low and bet selection 19-36 is high. The winning chance is 1 in 2. The odds are 1 to pay 1 as well.

Special betting betting form at SCS only!
This special form of betting is a combination of straight up, split, street, and corner betting styles and creates a total of 4 special betting styles (formulas). Let’s go and see.

    It is a bet using 4 chips covering 7 numbers. It is a 3 chip split and 1 straight up chip which is 0 + 3, 12 + 15, 32 + 35, 26.
    Is a bet using 9 chips covering 17 numbers, which are 2 chips, 5 split chips and 2 chip corner bets, which are (25 + 26 + 28 + 29) * 2, (0 + 2 + 3) * 2, 4 + 7, 12 + 15, 18 + 21, 19 + 22, 32 + 35
    It is a bet using 5 chips covering 8 numbers. It is a 4 chip split and 1 straight up chip is 6 + 9, 14 + 17, 17 + 20, 31 + 34, 1.
    It is a bet using 6 chips covering 12 numbers, all of which are 5 + 8, 10 + 11, 13 + 16, 23 + 24, 27 + 30, 33 + 36.

Other help functions in the game
Help functions in the game are quite necessary. Sometimes it makes us a lot easier. Or help us make a betting decision too. Go to the automatic betting function. We can choose the type of bet and choose the number of rounds and press the Play button. Very convenient. Next, the statistics will have a statistics window for us to help with betting decisions. That the winning direction to which number is the most

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