Gold minute bonus will be added immediately.

November 3, 2019
Gold minute bonus will be added immediately.

Duration: Depends on which will be held
Only available for THB currency. Members that are still active Top up during this period, get privileges immediately

How to join:

  1. Members who top up during the golden minute period will receive 2 bonuses, namely the golden minute bonus and normal top-up bonus immediately to the User.
  2. After top-up, go to the “Personal Information Management” page, select the “Promotion” menu.
  3. Choose the promotion “Top-Up Bonus, Get Instant 10% Live Casino” or “Deposit Bonus up to 20,000 baht, no limit on the number of live casinos” depending on the level of customers and select the “Receive Bonus” button.
  4. Receive privileges via the Call Center through all channels That you request a top-up bonus during the golden minute
  5. The staff check the time information to top up into your system. If in the period of time “Golden Minute Bonus” will be credited to your account immediately. According to the conditions below

Activity details:
Member levelMinimum top-up amount during the golden minute periodGolden minute bonusTurnover
General members500300According to the conditions of the top-up promotion that you selected to receive
Silver1,000500According to the conditions of the top-up promotion that you selected to receive
Gold5,000700According to the conditions of the top-up promotion that you selected to receive
Platinum10,0001,000According to the conditions of the top-up promotion that you selected to receive
Diamond15,0001,500According to the conditions of the top-up promotion that you selected to receive

Terms and conditions:

  1. Qualifying products for this promotion can be used with Live Dealer products only.
  2. Members must deposit money in the amount specified by each member level in order to receive this bonus.
  3. The golden minute bonus will be added to you immediately after you have announced the eligibility and the team will check the time that you made the top-up transaction whether it is in the promotion period or not.
  4. Any bets on both sides or draw will not be taken into the calculation or calculation or count towards any turnover.
  5. If members play against each other in the hopes of this bonus The team reserves the right to deduct the bonus funds and the total amount of money earned from the bonus in full.
  6. This promotion is not allowed for players with multiple accounts. If there is a collusion or use of multiple accounts, all bonuses and winnings will be forfeited.
  7. Members cannot transfer money out of the product if the turnover is not over yet.
  8. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  9. will calculate the turnover based on winning or losing results. And not exceeding the amount placed for bets only
  10. This bonus will not be counted in the refund bonus.
  11. We reserve the right to make a one-sided decision to take action and at any time without prior notice in order to amend, change, stop, cancel and / or void the promotion.
  12. Members who participate in this activity must agree to and comply with the above terms and conditions as well as all relevant rules and conditions of the website.
  13. The member must complete the turnover in accordance with the normal top-up bonus you choose to receive without taking the golden minute bonus credit into the calculation.
  14. The golden minute bonus giveaway period Will be announced in advance on various websites and social networks within 30 minutes of giving away

 Example: Silver customers with a minimum top up amount of 1,000 baht per minute

Customers choose to receive “10% Instant Top Up Bonus Live Casino” = 100 baht
Golden minute bonus = 500 baht
Turnover required = 1,000 + 100 = 1,100 x 10 = 11,000 baht.