Top up continuously 7 days, get free 1000

November 3, 2019

Top up continuously 7 days, get free 1000

Duration: Beginning July 22, 2019 Time, 00:00:00 (GMT + 8) until November 30, 2019 Time, 23:59:59 (GMT + 8)
Applicable to THB currencies only. Members can receive a 1,000 baht credit from immediately after fulfilling the conditions.

Method of eligibility:

  1. Contact customer service via live chat or LINE or other media.
  2. Members can claim to receive 1,000 baht credit every Monday. After 7 days top-up (counting Monday-Sunday)
  3. Members use 1 Username per 1 privilege only.
  4. Members receive this privilege only 1 time per week.
  5. Notifying personal details With evidence attached
  6. If the officer has verified that the conditions are met Will immediately top-up into your User

Activity details:

The productcreditTurnover
Casino / slots1,0005x

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The customer must top up a minimum of 1,000 baht continuously for 7 days (before 23.00 hrs of each day)
  2. Every day, top-up Must have a bet on the website every day, a minimum of 1,000 baht per day
  3. If within the date of top-up But did not come to bet on or not topped up within 7 Monday-Sunday Will be disqualified immediately
  4. Old and new members can join this promotion.
  5. 1 Username can be used per 1 privilege.
  6. Credits can be used for playing within the website for all activities.
  7. If fulfilling the conditions, get 1,000 baht credit on Monday After top-up 7 days Monday-Sunday
  8. If there is an attempt to fraud or cheating, the system will disqualify the credit in all cases and the Username will be withdrawn from the system immediately.
  9. If members play against each other in the hopes of this bonus The team reserves the right to deduct the bonus funds and the total amount of money earned from the bonus in full.
  10. The turnover is calculated based on the amount of interest, but not exceeding the bet amount.
  11. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  12. will calculate only the stake that has an exact result of a loss or win.
  13. This bonus will not be counted in the refund bonus.
  14. reserves the right to make a unilateral decision to proceed at any time and without notice in order to amend, change, stop, cancel and / or void the promotion.
  15. Members who participate in this activity must agree to and comply with the above terms and conditions as well as all relevant rules and conditions of the website by
  16. Terms and conditions according to